Voices of the Sea

2016-07-23 17:23:55 by Darrenkerwin













Very proud to have contributed vocals to Voices of the Sea by @ForgottenDawn for this years A.I.M (Art Inspired Music contest). The above artwork is by an artist called @ErrorCell titled Crossing the Sea. I am surprised at how well this turned out, and the speed in which it was put together! The hard work was already done before I got to it, but hopefully you'll like what I was able to contribute!

Forgotten Dawn also created an ambient mix with just my vocals. The whispered words are Gutta cavat lapidem (non vi sed saepe cadendo) which translate as "A water drop hollows a stone (not by force, but by falling often) which I felt were fitting to a song that focused on the sea so heavily. I was happy to hear he liked them enough to create something in addition to his project, and would like to personally thank him for thinking of me for his project. Please check them both out! I would love to hear your thoughts.


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