Favorite Audio

Voices of the Sea (Ambient mix) Ambient Song
A.I.M. - Voices of the Sea Miscellaneous Song
The Road to the Sacred Mountain Cinematic Song
Coming of Age Cinematic Song
In Some Due Time (ft. Megurine Luka V4X) Ambient Song
DKC Aquatic Ambience Cover Ambient Song
Chaos Neighborhood Jazz Song
Hammered Bros. Blues Song
Shadow of the Core Heavy Metal Song
Star Fix- HarmonyOfHeroes Video Game Song
Global Necessity - "HoH" Jazz Song
Mirror of Twilight Cinematic Song
Metroid - Planet Zebes Video Game Song
Dark Horizons- Legend Of Zelda Cinematic Song
- MB - Duality Cinematic Song
FD - Club Wario Inc. Video Game Song
FD - Sad Underground Cinematic Song
Flower Blooms Pseudo-Euphoria Miscellaneous Song
Mechanical Steed Miscellaneous Song
A Twisted Carousel Miscellaneous Song
Magical Girls' Live Stream Miscellaneous Song
FD - Nu Dead Cell Cinematic Song
The Fall of Halberd Jazz Song
Defending Corneria Cinematic Song
Baby Mario Medley Classical Song
Jungle Swing Jazz Song
Guardians of Old Cinematic Song
Rhythm of the Kong Classical Song
King DedeDnB Drum N Bass Song
Pokémon - Pirate's Road Heavy Metal Song
To the Stars Cinematic Song
Ashley's Theme /EileMonty Video Game Song
_-={A Lost Dream}=-_ Classical Song
Metroid Ending (for Orchestra) Video Game Song